History, vision and mission of Papop

               Papop Solar Co. Ltd. was established in 2021 by a group of Thai entrepreneurs who have over 30 years' experience in renewable energy business. It is a subsidiary of Papop Co. Ltd. . Papop Solar is the extension arm of the success by Papop. It has 30 million Baht registered capital.

               The company aims is to sell electiricity to the users on the Private Power Purchase Agreement: PPA basis. The company will invest, operate and maintain the solar power plant during the contractual period. Our targeted clients can be industry, hospitals, schools, universities, office buildings and many more. The owner obtain saving in terms of discount from the monthly electricity bills without any investment. At the end of the contratual period, the owner can receive the solar power plant. This is the most successful and popular business model in Thailand when the electricity price is soaring.

                 Vision    :   To accelerate low carbon society in ASEAN with the clean and sustainable energy 

                 Mission :   Install 40 MW of solar power plant by 2027

Management Team

Cheif Executive Officer

Likit Nimtrakul

30 years expereience in renewable energy

Managing Director

Apipong Lamsam, D Eng

20 years expereince in renewable energy


Anurak Pinarat

30 years expereince in renewable energy


Charoon Chulab

40 years expereince in education

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