6 Factors to consider when selecting solar panels

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6 Factors to consider when selecting solar panels

To select the suitable solar panel for your usage, we must carefully consider different factors to obtain the optimum benefits from solar power plant installation, particularly in Thailand. These 6 include the following.


Solar panel technical data sheet Risen by Papop Solar

  1. Efficiency - This is the factor that each panel converts solar energy into electricity. The more of it the better it is, since it will save solar panel foot print. This translates into lesser area for installation. As of 2023, the panel efficiency of Tier 1 company ranges between 21.0-23.0%. However, bear in mind that the efficiency is tested in the laboratory. The actual value could be slightly less due to higher ambient temperature in Thailand. 
  2. Temperature Coefficient of Voc - This value tells the reduction of energy density of each panel when the panel gets heated up (higher temperature). Hence, we should select the lesser number of Voc for Thailand, since we would have less variation of energy output per variation of temperature.
  3. Environmental Resistance - Thailand has hot and humid climate, so we need to select the panels that can withstand this kind of environment. It is advisable to use the double glass solar panels, because it is more robust than only 1 side glass panel.
  4. Warranty - This is a very crititcal issue for solar panel users. Typically the manufacturers of Tier 1 panels will provide both product and linear power output warranty. Product warranty can range from 10-12 years and  linear power output warranty up to 30 years.
  5. Price and Value - One must understand that the price of solar panel can be fluctuated depending on the supply and demand as well as currency exchange rate between local currency and seller currency as well as US dollars. Sometimes, when the supply is abundant, the panels price become cheaper and vice versa. Hence, one must carefully select the right timing to gain maximum benefits on the prices.
  6. Weight - Typical weight of 550-670 kW panels could be approximately 30-35 kg per panel. This tranlates to 11-15 kg per square meter of only panel weight. If we want to install solar panels on the roof, we need to check that our roof can bear the weight of the entire system. Otherwise, the roof can collapse. However, this factor is not so important for  ground mounted or floating solar.

The above area only simple key parameters to consider for solar panels, but there are actually more factors to consider when designing and installing solar power plant. It is advisable to consult with the professional solar power plant builder to select the suitable panel for your application and environment. 

Papop Solar provide investment, design and instllation of solar power plant on roof, ground and water (floating). We operate on Build-Operate-Transfer: BOT for businesses and industries, schools, hospitals and univestities in Thailand and ASEAN countries.

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