What is Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers?

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What is Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers?

Tier 1 solar panels are solar panels produced by the big and reliable solar panel manufacturers. BloombergNEF originally created this classification in 2012 and it has been widely used since then. Hence, the tier 1 panel does not provide approval stamp for the quality of solar panels. It is based on financial information of those manufacturers and convey a measure of bankability for the solar projects that use these panels. Currently, tier 1 panels are widely acceptable term in engineering and financial institutes wordwide.

We simple put the characteristic of tier 1 panels as follows:

1. High quality - These panels have high quality and efficiency to convert solar energy to electricity. The manufacturing process is technically reliable and they have good quality control.

2. Trustworthy  - Tier 1 manufacturer are widely accepted and have good reputation. They usually have been in the business for a long time and they are large scale companies.

3. Financial strength - These manufacturer typically have solid financial strength and have neither bad credits nor debts.

4. Highly acceptable by the market - The market and buyers have high confident in the quality of solar panels from these manufacturers.

Bear in mind that everyone should study the technical specification of each solar panel by themselves to make sure that it has high quality and match with your requirements. Investment of solar panels usually pays off in a long term. Hence, we need to look for the most suitable products for our projects to maximize the benefits.

Papop Solar provide investment, design and instllation of solar power plant on roof, ground and water (floating). We operate on Build-Operate-Transfer: BOT for businesses and industries, schools, hospitals and univestities in Thailand and ASEAN countries. We always use tier 1 panel from top solar panel manufacturers.

If you are interested in solar power plant, kindly contact us at.
E: solar@papop.com
T: +66 570 5580
LINE Official: @papop

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