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You save up to 40% on power bills.


Papop Solar Co., Ltd. is the leading solar power plant investor and operator in Thailand. We provide comprehensive services including design, installation, operation and maintenance on private PPA basis. Our clients get up 40% discount on their current power bills. We also assist in permits acquisition for the maximum benefits of our clients. The company is operated by staff with over 30 years of expereince in renewable energy business.

Why choose us?
  • Provide one stop servies on private PPA basis.
  • Over 30 expereince on renewable energy business.
  • Back up with financial strength.
  • Professional staff.
  • After sales services.

Benefits to clients:

  • Zero investment.
  • Get up to 40% discount on power bills instantly.
  • Obtain solar power plant after the contract period
  • Zero operating and maintenance
  • Clean and green energy
  • Prevent tax barrier

To select the suitable solar panel for your usage, we must carefully consider different factors to obtain the optimum benefits from solar power plant installation

Tier 1 solar panels are solar panels produced by the big and reliable solar panel manufacturers.

Solar panels to generate electricity from solar energy like Rooftop Solar are becoming very popular in factories, hospitals, schools and other places.

Find knowledge, techniques, and tips about solar cell systems. Compare products Choose the right solar cell system for you. Consult experts from PapoSolar for free! Be a part of the change to a greener world.
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