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Papop solar rooftop

Papop Solar Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Papop Co., Ltd., is the leading private PPA solar power plant. We provide services to industries, factories, hospitals, universities, schools and other kind of commercial buildings. Currently we open the new website with its 1st ever online solar investment calculation which is kindly supported by Electrical System Inspector Association (ESIC).

Services  Papop Solar provide solar power plant one stop service solution in terms of Build Operate and Transfer (BOT). The owner does not need invest any money and receive up to 40% discount on the monthly power bill. Papop solar usually invest at the solar plant size more than 200 kWp.

Strategy As of November 2023, Papop Solar has signed more than 3 MW contract on private PPA. we continually sign new contract every month. In 2024, we plan to sign at least 8 MW private PPA.

Investment Calculation  You can find out the investment return of your solar project easily by go to website then select top menu Calculation

Then follow the below instruction. 

Then put in your name, phone number, email and company name. Click accept Privacy Policy and click Send.

Input assumptions such as BOI support, panel size, inverter brand, space and cost of installation. Put in default rate if not known.

Move the cursor or search for the installation area. Click on the map to the target area to draw the area. 

The program will calculate and shows installed power, investment cost, O&M cost, project IRR, return period and other benefits.


The program also shows cash flow, revenue and annual total benefit.

We hope this software can assist the reader who would like to invest in solar power plant to save your electricity bills. We will continually update this software to reflect the latest power price in Thailand. 

By Papop Solar admin team

If you are interested in solar power plant, kindly contact us.
T: +66 570 5580
LINE Official: @papop


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