Risen RSM132-8 690W Solar Panels 690 Watts by Papop Solar


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Papop Solar is an authorized distributor of Risen solar panels, model RSM132-8-675-690BHDG, suitable for rooftop or ground installations for factories, office buildings, hospitals, schools, businesses, households, and more.


- Tier 1 panels with the highest recognition currently.

- Generates more electricity per square meter compared to other brands due to a maximum efficiency of 22.5%.

- Up to 25-year power production warranty.

- Delivery within 7 days due to in-country warehouse storage in Thailand.

- After-sales service provided by local distributors in Thailand.


- Dimensions: 2384 × 1303 × 30 mm.

- Weight: 38.0 kg per panel.

- Load weight: 12.3 kg per square meter.

- Power output: 690 watts.

- Maximum system voltage: 1500V.

- Positive power tolerance (-0/+10 watts) ensures you get more power from your solar system.

- HJT N-type panel, the latest technology in solar panels.

- Lowest power degradation rate among solar panels currently available in the Thai market (2024).

- High-quality standards from one of the most advanced automated module manufacturing plants in the world.

- Certified by various standards such as UL, CE, IEC, CSA, INMETRO, MCS, TUV, and more.

- Compatible with general rooftops and factories due to lightweight aluminum frame specially designed for various mounting systems.

- Durable frame.

- Papop Solar is the official distributor of Risen in Thailand.

- All products are Grade A+.

- You can verify the authenticity directly on Risen's official website.

- Warranty directly from Risen factory.

For more information, please contact our team:

- Email: solar@papop.com

- LINE: @papop

- Phone: 02-570-5580

- Website: www.papopsolar.com
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